• MarkSweep
  • What a bunch of beans!

This week’s Variations on a Theme is a no-brainer: Kevin Warwick‘s cover story, in which he recounts the effects that caffeine had on him after having never been a regular coffee drinker, is the ideal opportunity to write about something that most of us ingest every day. Furthermore, it’s a blossoming niche industry, with a proliferation of high-end coffee shops and newfound techniques for brewing and crafting coffee beverages; coffee isn’t just a routine part of the morning, it’s a new boutique business. But there’s also another part of coffee culture to keep in mind, one that exists in coffeehouses and diners, not to mention in commutes and workplaces. A topic with a number of alternate routes and tangents, it’s an obvious choice for us to write about. So check back all this week to read Reader writers on all things java. And if you missed it, check out Consumerism Week, last week’s Variations on a Theme.