• Mike Sula
  • Ina Pinkney’s avocado hot chocolate

Ina did, that’s who. This week I wrote about a bunch of local chefs and their surprising relationships with Big Food—consulting and developing recipes for giant corporations like Nestle and Kraft, or trade groups like the National Pork Board. Ina Pinkney has worked for a bunch of them, but perhaps her most interesting creation has been this simple avocado hot chocolate, which she created for the Avocados From Mexico growers’ association. The result is a thick, almost puddinglike drink with barely a hint of the fruit’s flavor but loads of its fatty richness.

Quoth Ina: “I garnish it with whipped cream . . . but that’s just me, when something is too healthy.”

Avocado Hot Chocolate
For two small cups . . .
1 avocado, peeled and seed removed
8 oz milk
6 T ground sweetened chocolate*

In a food processor or blender, puree the avocado with the milk. Add the chocolate and process until smooth. Pour into cups and heat on the stove top, or slowly in a microwave oven.

* Ina says to use Ghirardelli cocoa because it has the right sweet/acid balance to take on the avocado.

Watch Ina in action: