Today was the “Great Central U.S. ShakeOut,” a safety drill organized by some people in Memphis who are concerned about all the earthquakes that could happen at any time, anywhere—even in Illinois, though probably not. “[D]ozens of schools, businesses and other institutions will take a moment to prepare for a catastrophe some scientists believe is extremely unlikely to happen here,” our local paper of record reported earlier today. “At 10:15 a.m., more than 200,000 people in Illinois are expected to pretend that the earth is trembling. They’ll duck under their desks and grab on to its legs to protect themselves from falling objects.”

So, did you do this thing? How did it go? I did it and feel really prepared now—not just for potential earthquakes but also potential imaginary ones. All kinds of calamities, really. The Reader has never experienced an earthquake per se, but a lot of things are changing around here and you just never know.