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  • A page from the Times‘s stylebook

On Friday the New York Times brought its obfuscatory editorial approach to swearwords to a hilarious and confusing new level when it made a detour around the word cocksuckers so long that it described the epithet (or, uh, compliment, depending on your POV) as an adjective. The context, inevitably, was a trend piece about the fedora-wearing (seriously) interlopers who are so angering residents of Montauk, New York, that one was moved to post a “diatribe” to the website diehipster.com, which is not, appearances aside, an online community for German hipsters. The complaint read, according to the Times, “You’ve accomplished nothing over the last decade but displaced hard-working families, old-time residents and newly arrived immigrants who do not seek attention like you [Offensive Adjective Inappropriate for Family Newspaper].” Linguist Ben Zimmer, among others, pointed out the error, but sadly the Times has been slow to correct it.