Greg Hinz:

“The irony of Hyde Park professorial cool trumping an emotional foe with a military background when the last local guy to be nominated for president, Gov. Adlai Stevenson, saw his intellectualism trumped by Dwight Eisenhower’s martial fame.”

Update: Chicagoland correspondent ptb: “for your list of electoral anti-veteran outcomes, possibly homosexual Abe Lincoln over McClellan, 1864”

I will continue to repeat myself: 

2004: Military hero loses to undistinguished former member of the Texas Air National Guard.

2000: Vietnam vet loses* to same

1996: Decorated member of the Greatest Generation loses to draft dodger.

1992: See 1996.

1988: Maybe this is an exception, but he was running against Michael Dukakis (for the record, Dukakis served in Korea, but GHWB was highly decorated)

1984: Both men served, but neither saw action or left the country, IIRC.

1980: Naval officer loses to Hollywood serviceman

It just doesn’t really help that much anymore. 

* This is complicated, obviously, but Kathleen Harris/Supreme Court bullshit aside I tend to subscribe to the truism that you don’t blame the refs.