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What do you wear for the holidays? I don’t mean the parties—those are the perfect excuse to get all dolled up and break out the dress you’ve been saving for months. No, I’m talking about the part where you go home and spend time with family. Are you more of a jeans-and-could-you-at-least-shave group, or are tights and heels or button-down shirts and dress pants de rigueur for gathering around the tree/menorah/fireplace? Are holiday sweaters festooned with reindeer (or dreidels) a must? Or maybe your kin are the kitschy Santa-earring type. In my family, it’s always fun to see what color(s) of loud plaid pants (and sometimes clashing socks) my Uncle Joe has donned. And with a new generation of little ones, it’s generally a good idea to go a little more casual in preparation for horsie rides, competitive Wii bouts, and general roughhousing.