• Amy Braswell
  • JP Marquez and Raul Rico in Home/Land

You may recall Home/Land, the Albany Park Theater Project production that opened in January of 2012. Not to be confused with the TV series, Home/Land was an exploration of the lives of undocumented immigrants written and performed by the project’s teenage participants. The result was so accomplished, Reader reviewer Asher Klein wrote that “Given the contrapuntal plotlines and adroit scene-building . . . I have trouble believing that the kids made all that many directorial calls. But I have no doubts about their acting, which ranges from quite good to pass-me-another-tissue-please.”

No one planned to start a second run of Home/Land at the Goodman Theatre at the same time an immigration reform bill started making its way through Congress—the Goodman put it on its schedule more than a year ago—but director David Feiner admits that the timing is very good. (The play opens this Thursday, July 18, and runs through July 28.)

“The play isn’t itself an overt political statement,” he says. “It reinserts the voices of people affected by government policies and humanizes a debate characterized by simplistic rhetoric. It reminds audience members that policies affect people’s lives.”