OK, the gimmick: Homeslice is a log-cabin-style pizza joint. What that means is there’s enough well-lacquered Douglas fir crammed into the Lincoln Park spot to warrant real concern over the displaced squirrel population that formerly roamed the trees’ branches. But before you roll your eyes because who the hell associates wearing turtlenecks and warming up next to a fire with huffing down slices, let me say that the decor at Homeslice is strangely charming and homey (albeit with a dash of clubby lighting), and the pizza is absolutely legit—which may or may not influence my take on the space, whatever. The owners are Oregon transplants, the wood was hauled in from there, and the pizza—featuring an airy crust dusted with cornmeal and loaded with flavorful toppings—is inspired by the pies of the Pacific northwest.