• Tom Cruze/Sun-Times
  • Dunn at the Cell on Sunday, zeroing in on a new batting record

“When I’m in the box, I don’t feel like, ‘Oh, crap, here goes nothing,'” Adam Dunn told Toni Ginnetti of the Sun-Times earlier this week.

He must not be in touch with his feelings. When the White Sox cleanup hitter bats, nothing is guaranteed, or nearly.

Sabermetrics allows us to explore Dunn’s situational nonhitting in this season’s opening weeks. His average is approximately .000 against power pitchers (0-10) and lefties (0-12), on balls hit to the infield (0-23), and late in close games (0-12). When he’s stepped to the plate in the third, fifth, eighth, ninth, and extra innings, he’s soon stepped back to the dugout with zero, zip, zilch. When he’s been up with a runner on first, or third, or runners on first and third, or second and third, he’s produced nada, nil, nix.