Grandma J’s is so old-school that—much like my grandma—it doesn’t even have a Facebook page, let alone a website. Inside it’s a cozy jumble of mismatched wood furniture and tchotchkes, with bird stencils on the wall and a candy dish on an end table. It’s easy enough to believe that you’ve stumbled into someone’s grandma’s house (not my grandma’s, though—the decor isn’t to her taste at all). The menu is simple both in scope and execution: on a recent Saturday night it featured a few “snacks,” two salads, three meat-based entrees, one vegetarian special, and a dessert. It’s good, solid food, well done overall. Fried pickles were crispy, deviled eggs with bacon a bit bland but not bad, and fried chicken respectable enough—the sides of crispy kale and garlic-cheddar mashed potatoes were even better, though. The only disappointment was an oversweet pulled pork sandwich, and that was all but forgotten when complimentary cheesecake—which was quite good—arrived for dessert. It’s cash only, but I think the extremely reasonable prices, not to mention the fact that it’s BYO, more than makes up for any inconvenience: we had three entrees and two appetizers for just $35.

Grandma J’s Local Kitchen, 1552 N. Kedzie, 773-227-3626