Because there is the Internet, more gets written than should be. Dan Sinker’s tweeting alter ego of @MayorEmanuel was an original idea well executed. Jim DeRogatis’s critique of MayorEmanuel has the earmarks of a topic of the day addressed out of obligation by someone with a blog to feed. DeRogatis cooked up an argument that I doubt he’ll remember himself later this week.

DeRogatis took the tack that a serious journalist had sunk to shameful depths. He marveled, “This is what all those years of serious and sometimes groundbreaking investigative stories, interviews, commentaries, and chats with Noam Chomsky in Punk Planet have come to: conspiring with a celebrity politician to make him look ‘even cooler’ than his already immaculately crafted image, and to hell with that sticky, troublesome business of digging, probing, exposing, and reporting?”

This is what Sinker’s career has come to? Imagine Superman, after saving the world all day, flying home to his Fortress of Solitude and taking a leak. Is that leak, that mindless micturation, what his day has come to? “Not exactly,” Superman might explain, “but it was a pleasure.”