• “Dear, you look radiant”: weird doings in Larry Cohen’s God Told Me To

Larry Cohen is a walking encyclopedia of American pop culture: he created the cult sci-fi TV series The Invaders (1967-’68), scripted episodes of The Fugitive and Columbo, wrote and directed the low-budget horror favorites It’s Alive! (1974) and God Told Me To (1976), and more recently penned the screenplays for such high-concept thrillers as Phone Booth (2002) and Cellular (2004). Cohen was a late addition to the Sci-Fi Spectacular this past weekend at the Portage, though he came on board too late for the organizers to include any of his films. That situation will be rectified this Thursday when Cohen appears again at the Portage for a 7 PM screening of his latest effort (title withheld at the distributor’s insistence) and a 9 PM screening of God Told Me To. Admission is free; a trailer follows.