The first annual Two Piece Fest Midwest came and went, but cofounder Craig Woods is still keeping busy. Tonight he’s performing at Township with a couple of bands: sludgy punk three-piece Pink Eyes and punky, lo-fi rock outfit Hot Bagels, which caught my ear at the beginning of the year with a full-length called Toasted. That album landed Hot Bagels in Gossip Wolf last month, which detailed Woods’s process of making the record, including how he recorded the vocals while driving around in his car looking for jobs. I sometimes wonder if the frustrating process of looking for work inspired Woods’s nervy shouting on “I Need a Lift” and “Off Your Face.”

I fell for Toasted quickly, and it’s become one of my favorite releases of the past couple months, so it’s great to see Woods playing around with a full-band version of Hot Bagels. The band’s headlining set is the official Toasted record-release show, as Woods is releasing a vinyl version of the album on his label, Be Happy Records. Get ready to celebrate with Woods and pals tonight at Township by streaming Toasted and Pink Eyes’ demo after the jump.