In the spirit of Independence Day, Oscar Mayer tweeted a question to the liberated American public: “What is your favorite American freedom?” The company was possibly expecting answers such as, “the freedom to eat delicious Oscar Mayer hot dogs,” or “the freedom to eat delicious Oscar Mayer hot dogs any time I want.” Instead, the company tapped into some of the outrage over the Casey Anthony verdict setting the Internet’s tone this afternoon. It also inspired a fair amount of snark, with some people celebrating the fusion of “nationalism with eating mechanically separated animal carnage in tube form,” the practice of “watching people shove weiners [sic] down their throats in a speed eating contest on ESPN,” and straight-up “cholesterol.” Apparently “cholesterol” is a constitutionally protected right, or something.

What is your favorite freedom? Is it “the right to disengage from tabloidized spectacles”? Or, “the right to eat tofu dogs”? If you’re too shy to let Oscar Mayer know, you can tell us in the comments.