Today Doug Sohn faces a city hearing officer who will levy a fine for violating the anti-foie gras ordinance. But anyone expecting a Doug vs. Goliath-type showdown will be disappointed. 

“I’m not gonna be there,” Sohn told me yesterday. “It’s a glorified traffic court. My attorney’s instructions are to go in, pay the fine, say thank you, and leave.” No chance of a media circus, he says. “If I was dealing with the anti-foie gras people yeah, fine, I’ll take that argument on all day. [But] this is now dealing with the city. It got dumped on the health department.  They’re not happy about it. So when I sort of poke and prod they’re not happy with with me, and my argument’s not with the health department or the city of Chicago. . . . To me it’s not a big enough deal to warrant the interruption of business. It’s just a duck.”

Sohn says foie gras will return to Hot Doug’s when the ban is overturned. 

UPDATE: The Trib was on the scene. The city handed Sohn the minumum fine–$250