Some interesting Web action for the weekend:

Listening to music with Ornette Coleman: New York Times critic Ben Ratliff offers the latest in a series of articles where he listens to music with major jazz figures, allowing them to comment on the records of others and relating it to their own work.The Coleman piece is one of the most fascinating installments yet.

Rare African album art: Benn Loxo du Taccu is one the best MP3 sites on the web, serving up free songs from past and present; from traditional stuff to current hip-hop, from Mali to Tanzania, this place constanly opens new doors. Recently, however, the MP3 posts were interrupted to make room for a series of gorgeous album covers, most of them from the 70s.  

Found tapes: Jessica Hopper points to a bizarre site containing MP3s of stuff found on cassettes at thrift stores and garage sales.