One of the best local rap tracks that dropped last year was “Nino,” a tune that up-and-comer Young Giftz made with soul trap originator Tree; Giftz has an easygoing and playful flow that’s a great match for Tree’s grainy voice and wobbly, lean, and captivating production. It’s a hell of a song, and I wasn’t sure it could be improved upon until Giftz dropped a “Nino” remix yesterday—turns out all he had to do was make the song about twice as long and snag features from Save Money’s Joey Purp, Kami de Chukwu, Dally Auston, Brain Fresco, and Caleb James. Now the track has a snide jab at Rick Ross’s controversial lyrics about rape from “U.O.E.N.O.,” shout-outs to Ida B. Wells and the Low End, and a tasteful touch of Auto-Tune. It’s a great remix and a great time to drop it as the eyes and ears of the listening public outside of Chicago are getting tuned into local rap that isn’t confined to the drill sound, and the remix has some of the scene’s shining stars. Stream the “Nino” remix (via Fake Shore Drive) and check out the video for the original tune below.