Hey, do you want me to write about your product? Stop sending me e-mails filled with exclamation points and addressed to my predecessor, who retired three years ago. Stop mailing me DVDs of movies that are opening in New York and Los Angeles but not Chicago. Stop leaving me phone messages so intimate they sound as if we just slept together when in fact we’ve never met. If you want my attention, you’re going to have to do something stupid in public.

Just when I thought the publicity stunt was a dying art, along comes No Sleep Cinema, a promotional gimmick for the upcoming film-production race Windie City Shootout. Beginning Monday, August 1, and continuing through Wednesday, August 3, Windie City member Jason Elewski will take up residence in a storefront at Ashland and Milwaukee and watch movies for 72 hours straight. The event will be streamed live on Windie City’s site.