• Philip Humber

Philip Humber just pitched a perfect game for the White Sox. Perfection is so elusive that there are few realms of adult life that even make a place for it. We knew kids who got perfect scores on spelling tests; but what is a perfect novel, or a perfect building, or a perfect hedge fund? A perfect crime is a crime you get away with, but who knows whether it’ll still be perfect tomorrow.

Bowlers can bowl 300. But what’s a perfect round of golf? Or a perfect dive or gymnastics routine? The routine may get a 10, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have been even more graceful or harder.

What would a perfect perfect game be? Twenty-seven up and 27 down in 27 pitches, each resulting in a pop-up to the catcher? Or in 81 pitches, each swung at and missed? If the pitcher intentionally wastes a pitch low and away to set up the batter for high heat, is that wasted pitch a blot on perfection?