• Just look at how connected he is!

Every election I’ve followed in my lifetime has been influenced to some extent by technology. The earliest one I can recall is the 1991 mayoral race, when Richard M. Daley was elected to a second term. I remember it because I would sometimes stay up late and watch the 10 PM news with my parents, and on one night, that was the main headline. But it was television that kept me abreast of what the results were, and five years later, the first time I stayed up late to see the winner of the presidential election, I watched TV all night and flipped between news channels until I got the results.

Virtually all the participation I had with presidential elections was through television until 2008, which now seems like a flash point when reflecting on technology’s influence on presidential elections. I wasn’t on Facebook at the time, but it was the first instance in which I spent a lot of time following the election through blogs, which were another type of social media, since so much writing seemed to be a reaction to something that someone else had written. But even then, as the results were coming in, my friends and I were gathered around the television, waiting for a station to call a winner.