I’m fascinated by this video from the Shedd Aquarium, about how the belugas and dolphins were transported to their temporary home in Mystic, Connecticut, so that the Oceanarium can be renovated. The thing I keep scrolling back to is how the staff sits right on the edge of their “cradles” for the whole trip, feet in the water, “talking to the whales, petting the whales, and keeping them cool” as they’re rolled from the aquarium onto a truck and then on and off a FedEx jet. 


On a related note, while the Oceanarium’s closed the Shedd is hosting a dog-training show in which Shedd trainers demonstrate how to apply the methods they use to train dolphins and whales to your dog. It’s a different philosophy from the one being popularized by Cesar Millan, based on operant conditioning and not on concepts like being the leader of the pack. (Though the show’s new, the connection between dog training and marine mammal world is not.)