If you dream of getting snapped by Scott Schuman, aka the Sartorialist, on one of your jaunts to New York, Miami, Paris, or Milan, check out this handy guide. It tweaks Schuman’s weaknesses—slim women on vintage bikes, older wealthy European gentlemen, guys with quirky preferences for pants length, and attractive people hanging out during the world’s fashion weeks. Slate wonders if his preference for the well-heeled is a problem and decides it’s not, at least in terms of his photography qua photography. After all, he’s not the only street-style blogger—there’s his girlfriend, Garance Dore. But wait! Most of her subjects are model-level attractive, too. Or actual models.

I love those sites, although their very specific niches do become obvious pretty quickly. It’s good to remember that you don’t need to be young or genetically gifted to be stylish. Perhaps no one gets this better than Bill Cunningham, the legendary New York Times style photographer and doubtless the inspiration for many street-style bloggers.