Every year around this time I lie awake wondering which plague is going to afflict the thin strips of reclaimed weed fill and the laboriously hauled buckets of rooftop dirt I call my garden. Wind and the pernicious curse of squirrels are usually my biggest foes. This year, rats have gnawed their way into my supposedly rodent-proof city-approved and distributed composter.

And then this morning WBEZ reports that 2009 might be the Chicago area’s wettest year on record, with rainfall almost ten inches above average. This didn’t ease my growing fears about the unceasing cloud cover preventing my tomatoes and chiles from fruiting, to say nothing of the repeated biblical deluges that have already drowned my kale. So this morning I was happy to see this pretty baby dangling from my Stupice Czech tomato plant. That’s typically an early variety, but four other heirlooms up there have fruited also, which felt great until I spied the swarms of sickly white aphids clustered all over the stalks.

In any event, I’m curious what gardening readers are contending with this season. How grows it in these End Times?