• Alejandro Cerrudo

At a press conference Tuesday, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago announced that it’ll open its 35th season this fall with a new work inspired by Marc Chagall’s America Windows, the Art Institute’s 35-year-old stained-glass icon. And here’s the cleverest part: where the Chagall was dedicated to Mayor Richard J. Daley, HSDC’s evening-length riff on it will be dedicated to Mayor Rahm blah-blah-blah. . . .

  • America Windows

But God bless choreographer Alejandro Cerrudo for not adding to the blahs.

When pressed for his ideas on the Chagall windows, Cerrudo—a Spaniard who joined HSDC as a dancer in 2005 and became its first resident choreographer in 2009—didn’t prolong the ass-kissing. Instead, he replied like an artist, saying that the new dance would communicate “mystery.” “I don’t want to be literal,” he commented. “I don’t want to teach anyone anything.”

Paraphrasing a famous George Balanchine remark, Cerrudo asserted that his new dance “won’t be a story, but it won’t be abstract. Any time you have a man and a woman onstage, there’s a story.”

As yet untitled (though Cerrudo mentioned “A Thousand Pieces,” referring to the many panes of glass in the Chagall), the new work will be set to music by Philip Glass and debut at the Harris Theater during HSDC’s fall engagement, October 18-21, 2012.