Credit: Todd Rosenberg

Crystal Pite and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago are a perfect match. Pite, a rising choreographer out of Canada, creates tightly wound and compact pieces that both compel visually and offer larger philosophical insights into the machinations of the process of dance. Her work is smart, and few companies could master the precision latent in her pieces.

But Hubbard Street is unlike most other companies.

The troupe thrives on the physicality of dance; each of its seasonal series offers structural works that push not just the performers but the possibilities of the human body itself. The spring series featured Pite’s A Picture of You Falling, an enigmatic solo work that pushes still further, engaging the dancer’s psyche and limbs at once.

Through Sunday, as part of its winter series, Hubbard Street presents the premiere U.S. production of Pite’s Solo Echo, which also marks the company’s first ensemble work by the choreographer. Despite the larger cast, Pite’s signature solo elements remain—in particular, full-body movements that articulate the body in motion. “It brings out most of her qualities in terms of a choreographer,” says Eric Beauchesne, who staged the piece for the company. “There is a clarity in terms of the physicality of her work.”

Rounding out the program are local fave Robyn Mineko Williams’s Waxing Moon, a trio set to music by Chicago composers Robert F. Haynes and Tony Lazzara; Out of Keeping, a world premiere from Hubbard Street dancer Penny Saunders; and A Glimpse Inside a Shared Story, by Chinese choreographer Yin Yue, performed by Hubbard Street 2.

Hubbard Street Dance Winter Series Through 12/13: Fri-Sat 8 PM, Sun 3 PM, Harris Theater for Music and Dance, 205 E. Randolph, 312-334-7777,, $30-$99.