The conclusion to the HuffPo imbroglio, from the publisher:

Dear Whet,

I’m sorry I missed you when I tried to call you earlier. First off, I want to offer a wholehearted apology for what happened. Posting those reviews in full was completely against our guidelines. We have corrected the mistake and I can assure you it will not happen again.

This episode has led us to carefully reexamine how our posting guidelines are being applied across our site – and to reassert what they are. HuffPost’s model is to point to the best content available on the web and to drive as much traffic as possible to the sites providing that content. Of course, we want to attract traffic — but we also want to send it back out to as many sites as we can. We think this fluidity is what makes the online experience so vibrant and so appealing to users.

We excerpt those stories we think our readers will value, and to provide a basis for comments. Our policy is to use only a small portion of stories while linking to the original source for the full story.

We deeply regret that our own guidelines weren’t followed – and are using this occurrence to reinforce our commitment to being a site that adheres to the best web publishing practices, and which corrects its mistakes as soon as possible. Please call me if you want to discuss further.

All the best,