I had no idea or neglected to remember that Valerie Jarrett (Barack Obama’s closest adviser) worked with Rev. Arthur Brazier (pastor of Obama’s maybe-new church, the Apostolic Church of God in Woodlawn, which I lived a couple blocks from up until last week) was one of the prime movers behind the costly removal of the Green Line train from University to Dorchester.

The upscale housing along 63rd that (eventually) followed its destruction is, in fact, quite nice. It’s also, save for a small, moribund strip mall, the only thing there. Meanwhile, down the street at Cottage Grove and MLK as well, there’s actual commerce, which, you know, tends to go hand in hand with high-density, reliable public transportation.

Related: Michael Glab’s 1997 Reader cover story on The Woodlawn Organization. It’s a long and fascinating read.