Camel meat this Friday, if Allah wills. Credit: Mike Sula

When I guzzled camel milk from the Muslim Women Resource Center Community Discount Store on Devon last summer, I discovered something: camel protein is where it’s at. It’s also at Eric Grill in West Rogers Park. 

Friend of the Food Chain Andy Rader tipped me off to this months-old Somali-run joint with a menu of Middle Eastern standards (falafel, shawerma, hummus, foul, etc) and one pretty unusual Friday special: farmed camel meat imported from New Zealand.

The camel specialCredit: Mike Sula

I’m not sure if it comes from the Bactrian or dromedary camels, but something tells me it isn’t the harvested fatty hump. Served over a mountain of cinnamon-scented basmati rice, with a cup of lentil soup and salad, this particular camel requires a good deal of mandibular persistence. The flavor is beefy, like a thoroughly cooked pot roast. You’ll want to get there as close to noon as possible, as I’m told it sells out early. 

Ha kuu macaanaato!

Eric Grill, West Rogers ParkCredit: Mike Sula

Eric Grill, 6319 N. Ridge, 773-754-7710