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  • Marines guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Solider during Hurricane Sandy
  • Seems like all anyone can talk about today is the big ol’ hurricane gunning for the eastern seaboard. Hardly seems relevant to the cloud-flecked blue skies we’re seeing in Chicago today, right? Ha, no, because have a look at which way the clouds are moving. Their southeasterly clip isn’t for nothing, that’s actually Hurricane Sandy’s doing. According to data from the National Digital Forecast Database beautifully rendered into movement, the ‘cane is sucking in the air from every part of the U.S. east of the Mississippi River. In other words, if your local radio station begins with the letter W, you’re at least marginally in the storm system.

    Feel connected yet? Cool. Check out, “the story of hurricane sandy told through instagram,” for gems like this:

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    Just remember to check that the pictures aren’t fakes. UPDATE: Fake like that pic at the top of this story, according to an NPR blog post. (Hey, at least I’m not the only one who got fooled.)