This week’s Sharp Darts is my review of the new Catfish Haven record, and you should read it.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and he told me that he couldn’t figure out whether I liked the album or not, especially since I compare Catfish Haven repeatedly to Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band. Having grown up in Michigan in the 80s, I have to say that both Bob Seger and a kickass radio station I associate with him, WRIF (“The Riff”), are among the deepest parts of my foundation in rock music.

Maybe you’ve heard the same story I have about a teenage neighbor of Seger’s who went out trick or treating dressed as him. Seger supposedly slammed the door in the kid’s face, which suggests that he didn’t find the costume nearly as hilarious as I do. I hope he can at least appreciate it when guys like Catfish Haven put on pieces of his sound.