I got shortlisted for my submission in Coudal’s “Cover Me” contest, a collection of odd, unexpected, and weird covers. The criteria is vague, but I think I’ve got a chance, even though I’d seed Steve and Edie’s cover of “Black Hole Sun” first. One of my favorite (in a wholly nonironic way) covers of all time made it–Husker Du covering the Byrds’ “Eight Miles High.” Richard Thompson’s cover of “Oops I Did It Again” is also pretty good.

I made a second, unofficial submission, unofficial because it’s not actually weird: the Strokes covering maybe my favorite Guided By Voices song, “A Salty Salute.” It’s a valuable experiment: what would GBV sound like if they’d been an actual arena-rock band? (Do the Collapse doesn’t count.)

The best GBV cover is of course by the Breeders.