Three things worth noting about Coat Party:

1. They have the word “party” in their band name.

2. Their music sounds like it would be good to play at parties.

3. I bet they’re really fun to party with.

I’ve been listening to Paramore all day–searching for an experience that will justify the band’s existence or something–and every few songs I have to click over to some Coat Party to clear the glossiness out of my ears. I have found the exact opposite of highly compressed studio emo, and it is a bunch of kids from Kansas yelling, “I have a mental condition / I shoot flames from my eyes / I can see the future / I know when you’re going to die,” all together now.

Also worth thinking about: Does “Mental Condition,” like Vampire Weekend’s “A Punk,” point toward a 2008 ska revival? What color on the Homeland Security terror rainbow does ska revival get? Orange? A special checkered thing? 

Hat tip to Palms Out Sounds, which says that Coat Party “needs to be watched.”