* As a result of traveling – approximately 40 hours of driving over six days, Chicago to Roanoke, Virginia to the Chesapeake Bay to Roanoke and back to Chicago – I ended up watching Big Trouble Rob’s latest media appearance, promoting The Loneliness of the Long Distance Governor on the Today Show. (Nothing revelatory for Blago-watchers.)

Coincidentally, I was catching up on my home state’s governor’s race at the same time, which features Republican candidate Bob McDonnell, a family-values misogynist and homophobe who’s slightly less regressive than Alan Keyes, but without the charm. His crazypants two-decades-old master’s thesis has become national news, fairly or not; he was an actual grownup when he wrote it, but it was awhile ago. I don’t know, but I’m not sure it matters, since he’s blazed a trail of bone-chilling creepiness. Here’s my favorite instance: