You could say that Busta Rhymes’s “Arab Money” is a multifaceted song, in that on one hand it’s got a beat that you don’t mind having stuck in your head all day long, and its got its own dance, and on the other hand it’s super racist.* Ever since “Arab Money” hit the streets to a collective “Are you serious?” from one side (people who notice its racist-ness) and a collective “Play this song one jillion times for us” (Ron Browz fans), the first camp has been waiting for a response from the Arab world, in the form of either a song or an ass beating.

For now, it’s just songs:

This morning Wayne Marshall tweeted a video by the Bay Area hip-hop group Revolution of the Mind doing their own version of  “Arab Money” that’s less a diss track–although it includes a couple of prime Busta references–than it is an education on those Arabs who don’t fit Busta’s stereotype of seven-star-hotel and megayacht owners, and who hang out in places a little less glammy than Dubai. You know, places like the Gaza strip and Iraq.

Props to RotM for replacing the fake-Arabic hook with the real deal and also for keeping the original “Ay-rab” pronunciation that Busta changed in his only public nod to how racist his song is.

*The fact that Busta is big-upping Arabs for having stacks, seven-star hotels, and megayachts doesn’t mean it’s not racist. Imagine a song about how good Asians are at math with a hook that goes “ching chong / ding dong” over and over. Now imagine how huge a star you have to be to release that song and have people be OKwith it.