I get why some people have a problem with putting a genre tag on every possible substyle of music. They’re intellectual shortcuts, they do a disservice to idiosyncratic artists, they inspire trend chasing among listeners rather than actual appreciation, and they contribute to snobbery. Normally I don’t see much reason to rage against them myself, as they’re often a big help when I’m confronted with a tight word count. But I make an exception for UK funky. Worst genre name ever. Ever. It’s so bad that it honestly makes me angry. I’m actually a little pissed off right now.

However, the music itself is really good, combining four-on-the-floor house beats with African-style polyrhythms, which it turns out is a completely excellent idea. Almost excellent enough to make up for the name.

I bring this all up because UK funky (ugh, I said it again) is one of several electronic-music styles diced and tossed on I.D. & Baobinga’s new album, Bass Music Sessions, along with dubstep, hip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, and plain old house. It’s a pretty effective distillation of everything good happening in UK dance music right now, and it will satisfy your bass cravings, whatever they might be.