For the past couple days I’ve been trying to catch up on the stack of promos that’s eating my apartment. It’s an exercise that almost always ends up with me facedown on my desk, utterly convinced that every band out there sounds the same. (Thought: blog house remixes are the grey goo of modern music, devouring any original ideas they encounter and turning them into an undifferentiated mass of Justice-isms.) So thank you, Ohio-based black- metal noise project Boot, for putting up a MySpace bulletin urging all your friends to check out Crack Cats. They are obviously trying really hard to be weird, but they’re also pretty much succeeding at it. Annoying synths, rinky-dink drum-machine claps, freakishly pitch-shifted vocals, stupidly offensive ideas–this is like the exact opposite of the Bullet for My Valentine disc I just endured. BFMV is more offensively stupid than the other way around.