Bill McGlaughlin presents a live version of his wonderful WFMT show Exploring Music tonight and Saturday in Millennium Park at 8 PM, accompanied by the Grant Park Orchestra and featuring 125 years of American classical music. Highly recommended; I love Exploring Music, not just for McGlaughlin’s broad knowledge but also for his dulcet upper Midwestern radio voice.

Also, I wanted to especially thank Kerry Frumkin and WFMT for playing Appalachian Spring and the final movement of Beethoven’s 9th symphony yesterday evening (they may have played more of the latter; I was putting cats in boxes in my apartment). I was driving my cats across town and one of them got out on the expressway and crawled around the car, including around my feet, and those were basically the pieces I needed to hear over the low, exorcism-style yowling. I’ll never apologize for loving Copland; go watch He Got Game if you want to understand.