Our pals over at the Local Beet are currently beta testing a handy application for those days when your regular farmers’ market isn’t open or you’re stranded someplace unfamiliar and you need to get ahold of fresh stuff immediately. It’s pretty simple: you plug in a zip code and a date and it plots a color-coded, time-sensitive map of the nearest markets. What’s more, say it’s late July and you know you’re going to be in Lemont over the weekend. You can plug in the variables and find out the local market is open on Budnik Plaza every Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. In areas with multiple markets you can find the ones open on any given day, open within three days, or open more than three days hence.

Chief Beet Michael Morowitz says eventually they’ll have over three hundred markets plotted, ranging as far afield as Madison, Lake County, IN, and parts of Michigan. Right now there are about 250.