You were window shopping along Division between Damen and Ashland, wearing a homemade Lady Gaga battle jacket adorned with several dense clusters of spikes longer and sharper than I thought you could buy at the spike store and GAGA drawn on the back in what may have been an homage to the logo of the video game Doom. I would’ve asked to take a picture of it, but honestly I was so stunned—not only by your handicraft (assuming you made it) but also by the fact that a mega-massive pop star had inspired an otherwise normal-looking person to adopt a fashion associated with extreme devotion to punk or metal—that I couldn’t collect myself in time to point your jacket out to my girlfriend, who was walking beside me at the time. In fact I didn’t even mention it till several hours later.

When: Saturday afternoon
Where: Division St.
You: Wearing a Lady Gaga battle jacket
Me: Totally like WTF