The Trib‘s transportation columnist puts on his op-ed cap and makes a number of suggestions for the CTA, one of which I agree with, one of which I don’t (I think). Like Hilkevitch, I was disappointed when the unlimited CTA pass price went up, as it seems like the sort of behavior the city should be encouraging. Full disclosure: I have one, but I’m also thinking of ditching it now that I’m riding to work again.

On the other hand, I’m inclined to disagree with the idea of implementing “congestion pricing” for rush-hour rides, for the same reason. Public transportation is overfull? Great! That means people are using the product. ADD MOAR CAPACITY.

But Hilkevitch loses today’s award for forward-looking civic transportation theory to the city of Berlin, which has now banned fixed-gear bikes (h/t S.). Someone should let, say, Ed Burke know about the fixie scourge, since this summer’s round of actually serious council meetings has left us without a hilarious throwdown about something pointless.