• A screenshot of Chaz Allen DJing SPF420 Fest

I expected to hear chopped-and-screwed samples of slot machines when I logged onto Tinychat to check out the third incarnation of SPF420 fest last night. After all, producer and SPF420 cohost Chaz Allen (aka Metallic Ghosts) did tell me the online fest would be casino themed when I interviewed him for my B Side feature on vaporwave, an online microscene that received a hint of outside exposure for a series of sample-based albums that drew from chintzy 80s music. Since so many of the folks involved in that scene had a penchant for slowing samples down till they moved at a molasseslike pace I could only guess that a “casinowave” track might apply that process to the sounds of a night gambling in Vegas.

Yet the first thing I heard when I hopped on the SPF420 URL was the sound of Allen rapping in a rough cadence. Allen served as the house DJ for the night (which he did under the name Sugar C), and he was in the middle of preparing the crowd for the main event. Although I had met Allen in person it was a little difficult to recognize him in his video-chat window—he wore a red baseball cap that covered a big portion of his head, and the video stream tended to come in choppy. Allen’s tiny video-chat window sat in the bottom right-hand corner of a much larger streaming video that displayed clips of women suggestively licking lollipops.