• Gwynedd Stuart
  • An Iron Throne that doesn’t have that asshole Joffrey perched on it

If, as a 30-year-old woman, I could change my name and not have it be this gigantic hassle, I would change it to Daenerys Targaryen. It’s so vowely and lovely. I’ll settle for nursing baby dragons around the house in this very realistic Daenerys wig I just found on eBay for the bargain Buy It Now price of $22.99.

That said, it’s hard for me to understand how a beer company could resist naming its Game of Thrones tie-in beer—a blonde ale!—after Khal Drogo’s fair-haired widow. Instead, Cooperstown, New York, craft brewery Ommegang went with Iron Throne. Which is fine. Especially because it was good.

I’m not a serious beer drinker. I am, however, a serious Game of Thrones watcher. (Season three premieres in a mere ten days and I won’t even watch a trailer or commercial for fear of spoiling a second.) On Tuesday evening, when I found out there was an Iron Ale tasting in progress at Monk’s Pub, I ran down ten flights of stairs, beat up a child for his Razor scooter, and zipped over the river to get there before they ran out.