The latest experiment in online payment models comes from Roger Ebert himself. I suspect it will work pretty well, even if I have a slight bias, having said many times that the best way to monetize something is to have it be something awesome that people really want and can’t get elsewhere.

Having that be an actual person and his or her singular work, of course, is the best way to guarantee exclusivity. “Being Roger Ebert” is probably not a workable model for people who aren’t Roger Ebert, but the principle still applies.

Related: Will Leitch’s story – and it is worth noting here that Leitch is a good and sensitive writer who can also unnecessarily be kind of a prick, and who ran a Web site called Deadspin that is sometimes great but is also too frequently meanspirited and ugly for me to read consistently, because it very much has a lot to do with the story – about the important life lesson he sort of learned by trying to make his bones with an attack piece on his quasi-mentor Roger Ebert, is definitely worth your time.