The enigmatic and delightfully eccentric Ian Svenonius (Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, Scene Creamers, Weird War) will be in town on Tuesday, March 24, at the Logan Square Auditorium to record an episode of his Vice-sponsored VBS.TV program, Soft Focus. In this episode, he’ll be interviewing Steve Albini (Shellac, Big Black) and Mick Collins (the Dirtbombs, the Gories). Following the taping, Svenonius will host a post-interview Soft Focus party and spin records at 50/Fifty (2047 W. Division).

Judging from the clips I’ve seen of Svenonius interviewing My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields, it’s safe to say he’ll be snappily attired (the man has always known how to dress), but in his talk with Shields he seemed fidgety and uneasy, and the conversation leaped from topic to topic in an unfocused way. That is, I’m not too sure about Svenonius’s interviewing chops, but he gets a pass from me for consistently being in great bands–I’d probably watch him interview a jar of peanut butter.

An RSVP is required to attend both the interview and afterparty.