Ians Party
  • Ian’s Party

The annual punk-rock festival Ian’s Party is back this weekend. Now in its sixth year (its second in Chicago), the festival started out in Elgin as a three-day music fest staged around New Year’s Eve. According to Jim Miller, one of the fest’s creators, the dudes putting on the shows needed a name and reason for the event, and their buddy Ian lost a game of rock, paper, scissors to become the namesake. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not Ian’s birthday party, but Miller won’t correct you if you say it is. I mean, he encouraged me to “feel free to make things up” about Ian’s Party for this blog post. (Worry not, faithful readers, I promise I only write the truth.)

After its inaugural year, Ian’s Party grew into a multiday, multivenue festival, attracting bands from not only Chicago but around the country. This year’s edition, which kicks off on Fri 1/4 and wraps up on Sun 1/6, takes place at both Township and Quenchers. A festival pass will cost you $30; the Township shows are 18+ and cost $12 individually, while the Quenchers shows are 21+ and $8. Almost 40 bands are on the bill, including a handful of ass kickers such as the Brokedowns, Paper Mice, Wide Angles, Meat Wave, and Absolutely Not. Other notable sets over the course of the weekend include a bunch of solid, long-running local punk rock acts like the Arrivals, the Bollweevils, and Canadian Rifle.

For a full schedule, visit the festival’s Facebook page.