This morning 18th Ward alderman Lona Lane–architect of the failed chicken ban–will be introducing an ordinance to the City Council’s Committee on License and Consumer Protection “prohibiting the sale of any ice cream, frozen confection, or frozen dessert from a vehicle operating on the public way within areas of the 18th Ward.”

That looks to be, according to the language of the ordinance (PDF), the entire 18th Ward.

Details after 11.

UPDATE: Lane’s explanation? Suspected ne’er-do-wells. She related a story of one dodgy truck. “The truck arrived down the block and its playing the regular ice cream music,” she told me. “The kids left the truck and he left the end of the block, and it was like a cul-de-sac where you have to come back around and come back up the same block. And when he got down there he started playing a different tune of music. And I’m sitting down there but I’m writing this. And so then there were guys–people coming out of homes that were going to the truck coming back with something. You see them exchange something at the window of the truck but they didn’t have any ice cream. So I assumed that they were dealing drugs. I’m not saying every truck is doing that but I prefer them not to be in the 18th Ward. That way we’re sure that they are not.”

Just one truck?

“No, not just one truck. I’ve seen several in several locations. When I see them I follow them I just park and sit and watch them.”

No need to call in the heat, I guess. A blanket ban should do the trick.