…he’d be pralines and dick. By the way, I like how “presumptuous” has become such a slanderous word this election season. It’s such a refined and polite euphemism for whatever you want it to mean.

Also, Steve Chapman is making sense. I wondered why the Trib‘s sensible libertarian was silent; turns out he was on vacation. Good to have him back in the nick of time:

“The plan conceived by Paulson and Bernanke stems from the oldest bureaucratic imperative: cover your backside.”

I’m not convinced, necessarily; paranoid-me thinks the “oldest bureaucratic initiative” might be GET MONEY (not that it changes the conclusion), and I also think (hope?) Chapman might be too pessimistic on Congress’s ability to push back against Paulson’s Clean Bill of Wealth, at least from skimming the tea leaves today. Nonetheless, I think his reading is plausible. Can we get that in the RedEye (which, to its credit, fronted the bailout today), please?