Maybe you’ve heard of the “moneybomb”—a political fund-raising tactic that involves setting a target amount of money, imposing a deadline, and then tweeting and Facebooking until the target is reached. Up the road in Wisconsin, the campaign of Democratic U.S. Senator Russ Feingold has indigenized the term by making it cheesy.

“Today, September 15, my campaign is launching our newest effort: “15 for 15 Cheddarbomb,” says “Feingold” in an e-mail solicitation sent today. “We’ll match [Feingold’s Republican opponent] Ron Johnson’s $15 million with the donations of 15,000 grassroots donors. This is our first-ever ‘moneybomb’ or as we call it in Wisconsin—a ‘Cheddarbomb. Our ‘Cheddarbomb’ will show that my campaign can match Johnson’s $15 million with 15,000 grassroots donations of our own – in a single day.”

How might Illinois politicians indigenize their moneybombs? I tried to answer my own question and was stumped—but then again, I am a carpetbagger. Does anyone know of an Illinois slang term for “money” that would be appropriate? Please advise, in the comments.