• Jen Koulev
  • Who needs it, anyway?

This week Times columnist Ross Douthat inveighs against the sexual excesses of New York magazine in an interview with New York magazine. We last checked in with Douthat when he was talking about the (optional!) causative relationship between sex and babies, framed by political disagreements between “cultural liberals,” who love the former, and “social conservatives,” who dig the latter. He’s onto a similar thing with New York. “We live in an era . . . where the sexual revolution happened,” Douthat says, “where liberals have won across a variety of fronts, and it’s important to see places where some form of corrective would be useful. The attitudes that you get in New York Magazine’s ‘Sex Diaries’ are only going to work for people with large amounts of social capital.” Either the reporter isn’t quoting the rest, or Douthat leaves it at that.