Kodak alarmed celluloid enthusiasts in 2006 when it discontinued its Kodachrome stock, a staple of home movies in the 60s and 70s. But the manufacturer offered a balm with last year’s release of its new color-reversal Super 8mm stock, Ektachrome 64T.

Kodak and Chicago Filmmakers supplied a roll of the stuff to a host of mostly local filmmakers to create new works for Friday’s Super 8 Rides Again! showcase.

The featured filmmakers include Usama Alshaibi, the subject of my Reader movie feature this week, as well as Jake Barningham, Jeremy Bessoff, Kyle Canterbury, Thomas Comerford, Carolyn Faber, Lori Felker, Scott Foley, James Fotopoulos, Jason Halprin, JB Mabe, Karen Johannesen, Alex Lake, Jesse McLean, Luis Sanchez Ramirez, Kate Raney, Tom Palazzolo, Ines Sommer, Bill Stamets, and Chi Jang Yin.

“Super-8 Rides Again!” is Friday at 8 PM at 5243 N. Clark. It’s $8.

No online video for Friday’s show, but here’s a clip from Alshaibi’s American Arab, featuring Marwan Kamel of Muslim punk band Al-Thawra, and one with hate-crime plaintiff Amal Abusumayah after the jump: